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Best price is almost never the best value in service
Always ask for references and check them
It is always best to hire experienced professionals
Make sure your contractor offers a warranty

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PDCI Contractor Accreditation Program allows painting and decorating businesses to not only test themselves against some of the most demanding industry standards, but allows them to learn and improve in the process. It is this desire to acquire more knowledge and skill that eventually separates winners from those who have to leave the trade.

In order to fully probe each canditate, PDCI conducts a thorough audit of their operations, strategies and contingencies. We begin by collecting business information such as names and aliases, ownership structure, financial statements, policies on safety and continuing/new hire training, any necessary licensing and even types of business insurance a particular contractor is currently using. PDCI then analyzes this information, conducts inteviews with owners in person or by phone to get a more personal feel for whether a company is suitable to be accredited by our standards. This may seem as overly intrusive, but it is the only way we can be sure that our organization is backing up a business that is well worth customer consideration.

We accredit only the very best

PDCI does not simply accredit every contractor that files an application, as some other professional organizations often do because they need membership money. We have built our reputation to a level of fidelity where we can afford not to start or continue our relationship with a particular member if that member can negatively affect the solid ground of public trust PDCI is standing upon. Although it is true that renewing your accreditation is easier, because a level of excellence has been demonstrated, there are requirements to fulfill before it takes place. Awareness of any new developments in safety and process laws related to painting and decorating trade must be confirmed before a business is issued a certificate for another year. PDCI also conducts extensive customer survey programs and complaint resolution initiatives, keeping a watchful eye, because we strongly believe that ultimately it's you, the consumer, who is affected by every one of our members, and your experience with them eventually translates in your opinion about us.

Member of the Year
Essex Painting of Chicago, IL has won our 2010 Painting Contractors and Decorators of the Year Award for excellent performance.
This award is based on the average score a company receives on our customer surveys.
The award is only available to Accredited Contractors
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